Happy Pawlidays!

Happy Holidays Bowzer Buddies!


It’s the time of year that family and friends gather together to reflect on the year past and look forward to a bright new year and we are doing our fair share of both. It was this time last year that we were busy putting our heads together to figure out how exactly we were going to make Bowzer Box work, and just look at us now! We have come such a long way since our launch in February; we have spent the year growing our brand, meeting amazing friends and subscribers, promoting other Canadian companies that we believe in and helping dogs in need.

This last part is particularly important to us. There are so many deserving dogs across the country (and the continent and the world!) that are still without a forever home and we want to do as much as possible to help them out. It feels especially good this time of year when there is so much hustle and bustle to know that we are able to take a little time out to give back. We owe all of you a huge thank you for helping us do this. In November $1.00 from every box went to Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund which is run through the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund. Canine Cancer is a cause close to our hearts and we were so pleased to be able to donate to this foundation which aims to find a cure for this terrible disease. And this month all of our subscribers made it possible for us to donate full boxes to a large number of dogs in need. We are hopeful these pups will find their forever homes soon, but in the mean time their Christmases are a little merrier.

For all of our followers with forever pups in your home, we know that this time of year can get a little crazy and it sometimes becomes harder to take care of your pup the same way you do in the summer time. Your pup loves you and knows that you are doing your best and you’ll make time for a good walk or a belly rub when you can, so don’t fret, but do make sure that as your holidays get underway your pet’s safety is still at the forefront. This time of year presents a whole new set of challenges from icy sidewalks to holiday foods, but if you follow these tips from the BC SCPA you’ll help your pup enjoy a safe and happy holiday with the rest of the family.

Aaaand, if you really want to make up for how busy you’ve been, your pup will be pretty happy to see a Bower box under the tree. We hope that you caught us on The Steven and Chris show or City Line as part of their holiday gift guides! We were pretty excited to be featured and it was a great way for viewers to find out a little more about what we do. We had these appearances along with a pretty puptastic 12 Days of Stocking Stuffers giveaway going on this month to show just what a great gift a Bowzer Box really is. Congratulations to everyone who went home with their own box or a special prize! If you are still looking for a last minute gift you could always give your loved one a special card surprising them with a subscription starting in January, that’s a sure way to start their four-legged friend’s year off on the right paw!


Bowzer Box on CityLine!


However you are celebrating this year we hope that you are safe, healthy, happy and surrounded by those you love, human and canine alike. Have the happiest of holiday’s Bowzer Buddies!


The Bowzer Box Team



Smooch Your Pooch

We’re playing a bit of catch up with the post today. First and foremost we want to talk about all of the Easter goodness that got sent out in our April box! With the All About Pets Show and the National Service Dogs Easter egg hunt, our box got a little bit overshadowed in our posts last month, and that will never do.

The April box was once again jam-packed with goodies for your pup, this time though it had an Easter theme. There were ducks and rabbits and eggs, lots of spring time treats made with fresh, tasty ingredients that made it seem like the Easter Bunny himself dropped off a little something special for your pooch this year. The April box contained:

-A delicious pack of fun-shaped cookies from Amelia Biscuit in Paris, ON


-A couple applewood recipe BARK! dental chews from the folks at NORTHERN Pet Products in Concord, ON


-Some irresistible crunchy duck chews from Etta Says! out of Missouri, USA


-An Earth Rated baggy dispenser that clips right onto your leash and smells like lovely lavender. Earth Rated is a fantastic company from Montreal, QC.


-Pumpkin and Liver bites that are great for digestion from one of our faves, Benny Bully’s out of Mississauga, ON.


-And… a pawsitively awesome, versatile Orbee-Tuff bone from Planet Dog (Maine, USA) that is chewy, and bouncy, and floaty, and minty… we could just go on and on!


So yeah, all in all it was a pretty great, jam-packed April box. We’re sending out a big thanks to all the pups and their humans that have sent us pics and reviews, thanks for sharing the Bowzer Box love. We can’t believe it’s May already and we’ll be sending you out another box before you know it!



Now, on a more personal note, I want to talk about the title of this week’s post. I (Jamie, your Social Media rep here at Bowzer Box) had a bit of a family health scare this week and a lot of things have come up that have reminded me just how important it is to  show the people and pups in our lives how much they mean to us. Here at Bowzer Box we give you a tool to spoil your pup and make them feel special by getting something of their very own, but we think it’s important that you take care of your pup all the time. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir with all you pet lovers out there, but just try and remember how much you love your pup(s) in the more trying times. Maybe they felt it was necessary to take all that wonderful garbage back out of the bag, or they don’t feel like going for a car ride today so they howl the entire time, or when they need to go outside over and over even though you’ve just let them out, or even worse when they don’t quite make it out the door before they go. All of these things can be tough on us, but we need to remember they’re not doing it on purpose. We’ve got a lot of things going on in our lives every day, but for our pups, we are their lives, so when times are trying and they get a bit anxious, a cuddle, some reassurance, and a big smooch could make a world of difference.

I say this too because our time with our pups is fleeting. Unfortunately our dogs don’t live as long as we do, and it’s up to us to make things awesome for them while they are here. I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put my beautiful boy Cardinal down in February, just as Bowzer Box was launching, and that was probably the toughest choice I’ve ever made. I know it was the best choice and we still have two more a-dober-able dogs, Duck and Turkey, at home, but I miss him every day. With a whole pack of Dobermans at home things can get chaotic and I think we do a pretty good job of loving and reassuring and letting the tough things roll off our backs, so I am confident that Cardinal knew we loved him and that he loved us and loved his home, I just really do wish he could have a million more hugs and kisses to make sure of it!


So go smooch your pooch! I didn’t write this post to make you sad, but just to think, as I’ve been doing a lot of that this week. Like I said above, we at Bowzer Box love your pooch too, we want to spoil them and make them feel like doggy royalty, and we believe that this kind of love should be an every day thing. Go play a game of fetch, or give a belly rub, or if you have a really spoiled pup (I don’t confirm or deny that this happens at my house) invite them up on the couch for a little dog pile and cuddle, then give them a big smooch and whisper sweet things about Bowzer Boxes to come…

Enjoy the rest of your week and we’ll bark at you soon Bowzer buddies!