Awesome October

October’s been a jam-packed month and it’s not over yet!

We hope that you’ve had as much fun this month as we have. Just the fact that it’s fall gets our tails wagging! The colourful leaves, long walks in the crisp fall air, and settling in for some serious puppy cuddles on the couch on those rainy weekends or dark fall nights. And all the FOOD that comes with the season, it’s the time of year that even Scooby-Doo gets enough to eat! We love supporting other Canadians so you can be sure that our weekends were spent browsing farmer’s markets throughout the province, taking advantage of the pawsome Ontario harvest.

Is it Thanksgiving or Halloween? This pooch is covered for both!

Is it Thanksgiving or Halloween? This pooch is covered for both!

And what better way to celebrate the harvest than Thanksgiving! Anyone else missing those turkey dinner leftovers already? We had so much to be thankful for this year. Aside from wonderful family and friends, we have so many new family members- all of you! We are so thankful for all of you who have taken the time to learn more about Bowzer Box this year and to show your support in many different ways, including signing up to become part of the pack! We are so happy to be able to bring you delicious doggy goodies every month and we look forward to many more months and many more members!

We also had the opportunity to show a little extra thanks this month. Along with a bountiful “Thanks-o-Ween” box we had  some bark-tastic contests and give-aways in conjunction with some of the great brands we work with. Congratulations to the winner of our latest contest Patti S. Hope our October box gets your pups feeling festive!

October's box is going out to our lucky winner. Keep on the lookout for more contests!

October’s box is going out to our lucky winner. Keep on the lookout for more contests!

Tomorrow this pawsitively wonderful month draws to a close with a big night of trick-or-treating! Whether you are headed out or staying in to give out the goodies to all the ghouls and goblins going door-to-door, be safe and have a spooktacular evening! To make sure that the night goes off without a hitch and even our four-legged family members have fun, we’ve included some Halloween safety tips from the British Columbia SPCA.

Stay spooky Bowzer buddies!


Lending a Helping Paw

Happy Saturday Buddies!

We love our weekends here at Bowzer Box getting to kick back and having a little more free time, sleeping in and sharing an extra half hour of cuddles with our pups in the morning. Weekends are just plain good all around. Lately though I’ve been filling mine with a little something extra.

At Bowzer Box we are always doing our best to contribute funds and supplies to shelters and rescue organizations and we are always thinking about what can be done to better the lives of dogs in need. All dogs, our pets and dogs who haven’t found their furever homes yet are important to us. So for the last three weeks I’ve taken the extra step (well actually quite a few steps) and have been walking dogs at my local shelter.


Meet Domino!

Now I’m going to back track a little and say that things for me (Jamie) have changed quite a lot in the last month. While Bowzer Box is still operating out of Waterloo and doing our best to provide for all the wonderful pups across Canada, my husband and I have picked up our lives and moved to Grand Cayman. I am lucky enough to still be involved with this company I love, but other than that my entire schedule has changed. I have gone from a busy home that seemed to be a revolving door of family, friends, and pets galore, to it just being the two of us. (Not to worry, our very loveable Dobermans that you have seen pictures of on our BB social media are being spoiled by their grandparents right now while we wait out the quarantine period and then they will be on their way to us here. No dogs left behind!) So, I have found myself with a bit more spare time and wanted to do something constructive with it–the Humane Society seemed like a great place to start!


I know that my situation is a bit unique, but it got me thinking about all the ways that there are to help. There are so many organizations across Canada that could use a helping paw. Whether you have some time during the week now that kids have gone back to school, you want to teach your kids about volunteering and caring for animals and spend some extra time with them on weekends, or you yourself have just moved to a new location (even a new town half an hour away, not necessarily a whole new country), dog walking or helping around the shelter are great ways to meet people and make a difference! If you or your children are not physically capable of managing what are usually very energetic dogs, shelters and rescues always have wish lists of items that would make their jobs a little easier and dogs’ lives a whole lot better. If you are already a pet owner you do need to be conscious of the health of the pets you already have in your home, so donating may be a better idea for you. Donating doesn’t always have to be financial either, you could always volunteer your time to make phone calls or sell tickets for a fundraiser or awareness campaign–there really is something for everyone to do.

Something I hadn’t even thought of before this move is volunteering on vacation. Now this might be difficult for some depending on where and for how long you are travelling for but it is an option. Walking dogs is often as easy as popping in and filling out a form to let the organization know you are responsible and comfortable with dogs, and then you’re on your way. If you miss your pet or are just looking for some cuddly companions on a day that you don’t have an activity planned, shelters will welcome a helping hand even if it’s only for a day or two! (This is definitely the case in Cayman)

Finally, if you have given it some long hard thought and you and your family really are in a position emotionally, financially etc. to have a forever pet, adoption is the ultimate step in volunteering. This really isn’t for everyone, but if you are ready it is one of the most rewarding experiences out there.


 Starsky and Bear tired after a serious game of fetch!

As we are moving into October, we at Bowzer Box are focusing more on what we have to be thankful for, and really, the list is endless. Pets in shelters aren’t quite as lucky, and the staff who work for these organizations have a lot on their plates. If you can find a little time in your life to volunteer or donate, you’ll be giving these animals a little more light in their lives and we guarantee they won’t hesitate to show you just how thankful they are. Hope you like puppy kisses!!

Enjoy your weekend buddies and whenever next you’ve got some time, consider lending a paw!

Tying it all Together

Hey Everypawdy!

So first off, how’s about this weather!? We’re keeping our paws crossed that Mother Nature is kind and it holds out a bit longer. We’re busy soaking up the sun after a summer that was well, pretty much just soaking! Kind of funny that one of the nicest weekends of the summer is here and it isn’t even summer anymore….

Speaking of it not being summer any more, it’s Fall! BOL, well you knew that, I just thought it was a great opportunity for a corny segue. And there it is again, “corny”! Sorry about this Bowzer buddies, I just can’t control myself, we’re all pretty happy it’s Friday around here at the BB headquarters:


What I’m trying to get at is there is a great event going on this weekend that really captures the essence of our September box. It ties it all together as the title of this post says- This weekend at Barkfest there will be fall foods, fun, and four-legged friends! Now that’s an event we can really get behind! We won’t be there as vendors but we are gonna do our best to pop by the Essa Agriplex in Barrie to check out all the fun! You can catch our friends from:

Boxer Rescue Ontario, Big Country Raw, Bullies in Need, Doberman Rescue Ontario, Iron Will Raw, St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dogs

And soo many more! Barkfest-Web-Logo_500px

If you don’t have plans to head to the beach this weekend (and we envy you if you do-go soak it up!) then get your tails out there to celebrate the harvest in this amazing province of ours and support some great local businesses!


Happy Friday, have a barking good weekend!!

Summer Wrap Up

Where do we start!?

What an absolutely pawmazing summer we had! We were out and about at so many great doggy events, meeting current subscribers and gaining some puptastic new followers as well. We loved being outdoors and active with all of you. Woofstock, Niagara Dog Fest, Pawlooza, and NewBarket are just a few of the events we caught this summer and we are already planning for next year. The events aren’t over either! Right this very moment the OSPCA Walkathon is taking place across the province. Although we weren’t able to make it out, we are happy to have helped spread awareness and even throw in a few treats for some lucky winners!


And speaking of treats our latest round just made their way out to all of our subscribers this past Monday. This month we sent out some wholesome goodies from down on the farm. September is full of Fall fairs, 4-H events and farmers markets (try saying that 5 times fast!) and we did our best to round up some Canadian faves and send them back home to you. Our selection of lamb, veal, and pork is going to have your pup licking their lips every time you pass by Old MacDonald’s farm. E-I-E-I-O!!!! Make sure to post those pics of your dog(s) digging in and tag us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram!



bowzer box2


Our friends at Owned by a Husky….

To make this month’s box even sweeter we’ve included something for the humans and not just our four-legged friends. Bowzer Box is now running a referral program! We love that you love Bowzer Box and we want to help you earn some free boxes. Once you register for the program for every person that you refer, you earn a free box. If you spread the word this adds up pretty quickly and that means a lot of FREE goodies on their way to you and your pup. You can sign up at As a special bonus those lucky friends that you refer to us can use the code REFERFRIEND at check out to receive 10% off of their first box. We think that’s a win all around. It’s just our way of keeping your money in your wallet and treats in your doggy’s tummy all at the same time!

photo-7Durden and Turkey doing their best to get those farm fresh treats in their tummies!

If you haven’t taken the leap and signed up for our monthly boxes yet, this is a great time to Google us! We are so barking lucky to have some amazing pet lovers out there reviewing our boxes. This is a great way to get an idea of not only what comes in our boxes, but how these treats and toys stand up to a variety of dog breeds, all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are even contests to sign up for (wink wink* free stuff *wink wink).  Some of our most recent feedback has come from


Some of our past boxes (courtesy of ThePetBlogLady)

These are just a few of the great resources out there that can give you a little bit of insight into us, and they always have so much going on that it’s worth your while to give them a follow while you’re at it!

We also have a lot going on now. As much as we love summer, we are so excited for a wonderful, busy fall and this blog here, along with our twitter and Facebook are great ways to keep up to date. We’ll bark at you soon Bowzer buddies, but right now we’re getting our tails outside to enjoy some of that fresh fall air!

We’re Canadian, eh!

July is a great month. Starting off with Canada Day, a long weekend celebration that lets us reflect on this amazing country of ours, leading into a month full of daylight where there is time to relax with friends and family after work and not be stuck inside in the dark. Summer vacation has just begun for those still in school; there are weekends, and weeks for the lucky ones, at the cottage, road trips, fireworks, barbeques, outdoor concerts, the list goes on and on. July is the start of great things if you’re a dog too. Summer means more time with your humans! You get included in some of those cottage weeks, road trips, and there are always tasty scraps to find at a backyard BBQ. The walks are longer, the waterways are warm enough to jump into, and that green grass just feels so good to roll around in! Yep, summer in Canada is pretty good all around.

For us here at Bowzer Box, pups and their humans, we’ve been enjoying all these things this summer, and there have been some new things for us this year too. As a new Canadian company we are discovering a whole new doggy world. There are a plethora of seasonal treats and toys that have our tails wagging and there are dog events galore. There is somewhere exciting to be every weekend, often multiple events in different parts of the province (and country) at the same time. We are starting to wish we could multiply ourselves! We have met so many new Bowzer buddies, received amazing support, and had our eyes opened to a whole lot of dog breeds out there that are new to us, and their needs. All of this exposure and learning has been priceless, we love dogs and want to bring you and your pup the very best options out there and the more we learn the more we are able to do so.

We take all your feedback and our mission to bring you the best so seriously that in this month’s Canada box we even made our own 100% Canadian toy! It took us a bit to get the hang of it, but we think that it was worth the effort. Our pups love their rope bones and we feel good giving them a product that we can guarantee is safe for them; we hope you feel the same way! Right now the bones were just a limited edition but as we grow they are something we hope we can bring you on a regular basis.

Turkey w: rope bone

Our buddy Turkey enjoying his BB rope bone.

We’re looking forward to what’s to come in the months ahead and there really is a lot to look forward to, but we’re also doing out best to focus on how great things are right now. The dog days of summer don’t last forever so we’re making the most of them and we hope you are to! Keep your ears perked for updates on how we are spending the rest of our summer and info on our favourite warm weather places and products.

Until next time Bowzer buddies!

Summer Lovin’

Long time no bark, Bowzer buddies!

We seem to have just gotten so carried away with all this warm weather and the time we’ve been spending outside that our blogging has got away from us. Isn’t that always the way though. We spend those long winter months waiting for the sunshine and then before we know it the warm summer days are just flying by. We know that life doesn’t just stop because it’s summer (wouldn’t that be nice) but we hope that you and your pup are taking some time to stop and smell the roses, or whichever of the multitude of flowers now in bloom is your favourite!

One of the things that got our tails outside in the sunshine was Woofstock! It was our first year there not only as exhibitors but also as individuals and we loved it. We recommend marking it on your calendars for next year and making a point to head down to the Beaches with your pup in tow—if your pup catches wind of all the excitement you may be the one in tow! We loved seeing such a variety of breeds and so many pups on their best behaviour as well as meeting all of you wonderful pup parents! Along side the tasty local treats and awesome accessories that were showcased at Woofstock, we were amazed at all the technology making its way into the dog world. Two of the apps that caught our attention were Sniffr and PiP. Sniffr is a great networking app that helps dog owners get together (you can find it in the App Store) and Pip is an app that uses facial recognition to help locate your pet if they become lost. It’s pretty awesome to see other companies taking advantage of the internet to reach and help all you puptastic pet parents out there.

We’ve been busy since Woofstock and our June box just went out with some pawsitively fantastic treats and toys. Some of you have been showing us the puppy love already and sharing pics of your dog with their very own Bowzer Box and we can’t wait to see what the rest of you think about this month’s swag!


Our Instagram friend @hansontheschweenie with his Bowzer Box!

We’re on to planning the July box now and we have something special in mind for all of you, but you’ll have to wait and see!

You’ll also have to keep your eyes peeled for us this summer as there are tonnes of great dog events taking place and we are going to be part of as many as we can. Why coming up just this weekend in Embro, ON is Weinerfest! Saturday June 21st will be packed with great events and a couple celebrity dog appearances. It’s a great event for anyone who loves daschunds, or dogs in general!

Hope to see you out and about! Bark at you soon Bowzer buddies!

Spring Fever!

It’s the long weekend and we were prepared to give you all the tips and tricks for keeping your pup healthy and hydrated as the weather gets warmer, but we are almost tempted to post links for winter jackets and frostbite prevention! Even though the weather may not be cooperating we hope that you are getting a chance to make the most of your weekend, maybe taking a trip or just getting to spend some quality time at home with family, pets included. And although you may not be spending that quality time sunbathing or swimming, Summer really is just around the corner and it’s important to start thinking about how to make sure you and your pet get the most out of your time outside and that you’re safe while doing so. The American Kennel Club has some great tips for this time of year. Check them out so your pup can be prepared for all the fun you’re going to have this season.

Speaking of being prepared, we know that some of you have already got your May Bowzer Box, but if you live outside of Ontario and are still waiting, get ready for some fabulous, fresh goodies for Spring. We had so much fun putting this box together that we couldn’t believe it was already the middle of the month and time to send everything out. We guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! If you are still waiting for your box, hang in there, but if you do want a sneak peek, we have had some awesome Canadian bloggers let us know what their pup pals think about this month’s treats:

The Other Side of the Box:

The Dog’s Playbook:

Leash and Paws:

Our tails are just wagging with excitement over the great feedback we’ve been getting, so keep it coming, we want to know what you think! Something else we’re barking about this month is Woofstock! We are so excited to be part of Canada’s largest dog festival. Woofstock is taking place next weekend, May 24-25 at Woodbine Park, Toronto Beaches. We’re looking forward to sunshine, some fresh air, and meeting you and your pack! Pop your pup in the car, or if you’re in the city, stroll on down and we’ll see you there!

We’ll bark at you again soon but we think it’s time you get to enjoying your weekend. Bundle up for a nice long stroll or join in on a little doggy pile on the couch and watch a great movie; do something that makes you happy right to the tips of your tails!