Lending a Helping Paw

Happy Saturday Buddies!

We love our weekends here at Bowzer Box getting to kick back and having a little more free time, sleeping in and sharing an extra half hour of cuddles with our pups in the morning. Weekends are just plain good all around. Lately though I’ve been filling mine with a little something extra.

At Bowzer Box we are always doing our best to contribute funds and supplies to shelters and rescue organizations and we are always thinking about what can be done to better the lives of dogs in need. All dogs, our pets and dogs who haven’t found their furever homes yet are important to us. So for the last three weeks I’ve taken the extra step (well actually quite a few steps) and have been walking dogs at my local shelter.


Meet Domino!

Now I’m going to back track a little and say that things for me (Jamie) have changed quite a lot in the last month. While Bowzer Box is still operating out of Waterloo and doing our best to provide for all the wonderful pups across Canada, my husband and I have picked up our lives and moved to Grand Cayman. I am lucky enough to still be involved with this company I love, but other than that my entire schedule has changed. I have gone from a busy home that seemed to be a revolving door of family, friends, and pets galore, to it just being the two of us. (Not to worry, our very loveable Dobermans that you have seen pictures of on our BB social media are being spoiled by their grandparents right now while we wait out the quarantine period and then they will be on their way to us here. No dogs left behind!) So, I have found myself with a bit more spare time and wanted to do something constructive with it–the Humane Society seemed like a great place to start!


I know that my situation is a bit unique, but it got me thinking about all the ways that there are to help. There are so many organizations across Canada that could use a helping paw. Whether you have some time during the week now that kids have gone back to school, you want to teach your kids about volunteering and caring for animals and spend some extra time with them on weekends, or you yourself have just moved to a new location (even a new town half an hour away, not necessarily a whole new country), dog walking or helping around the shelter are great ways to meet people and make a difference! If you or your children are not physically capable of managing what are usually very energetic dogs, shelters and rescues always have wish lists of items that would make their jobs a little easier and dogs’ lives a whole lot better. If you are already a pet owner you do need to be conscious of the health of the pets you already have in your home, so donating may be a better idea for you. Donating doesn’t always have to be financial either, you could always volunteer your time to make phone calls or sell tickets for a fundraiser or awareness campaign–there really is something for everyone to do.

Something I hadn’t even thought of before this move is volunteering on vacation. Now this might be difficult for some depending on where and for how long you are travelling for but it is an option. Walking dogs is often as easy as popping in and filling out a form to let the organization know you are responsible and comfortable with dogs, and then you’re on your way. If you miss your pet or are just looking for some cuddly companions on a day that you don’t have an activity planned, shelters will welcome a helping hand even if it’s only for a day or two! (This is definitely the case in Cayman)

Finally, if you have given it some long hard thought and you and your family really are in a position emotionally, financially etc. to have a forever pet, adoption is the ultimate step in volunteering. This really isn’t for everyone, but if you are ready it is one of the most rewarding experiences out there.


 Starsky and Bear tired after a serious game of fetch!

As we are moving into October, we at Bowzer Box are focusing more on what we have to be thankful for, and really, the list is endless. Pets in shelters aren’t quite as lucky, and the staff who work for these organizations have a lot on their plates. If you can find a little time in your life to volunteer or donate, you’ll be giving these animals a little more light in their lives and we guarantee they won’t hesitate to show you just how thankful they are. Hope you like puppy kisses!!

Enjoy your weekend buddies and whenever next you’ve got some time, consider lending a paw!


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