We’re Canadian, eh!

July is a great month. Starting off with Canada Day, a long weekend celebration that lets us reflect on this amazing country of ours, leading into a month full of daylight where there is time to relax with friends and family after work and not be stuck inside in the dark. Summer vacation has just begun for those still in school; there are weekends, and weeks for the lucky ones, at the cottage, road trips, fireworks, barbeques, outdoor concerts, the list goes on and on. July is the start of great things if you’re a dog too. Summer means more time with your humans! You get included in some of those cottage weeks, road trips, and there are always tasty scraps to find at a backyard BBQ. The walks are longer, the waterways are warm enough to jump into, and that green grass just feels so good to roll around in! Yep, summer in Canada is pretty good all around.

For us here at Bowzer Box, pups and their humans, we’ve been enjoying all these things this summer, and there have been some new things for us this year too. As a new Canadian company we are discovering a whole new doggy world. There are a plethora of seasonal treats and toys that have our tails wagging and there are dog events galore. There is somewhere exciting to be every weekend, often multiple events in different parts of the province (and country) at the same time. We are starting to wish we could multiply ourselves! We have met so many new Bowzer buddies, received amazing support, and had our eyes opened to a whole lot of dog breeds out there that are new to us, and their needs. All of this exposure and learning has been priceless, we love dogs and want to bring you and your pup the very best options out there and the more we learn the more we are able to do so.

We take all your feedback and our mission to bring you the best so seriously that in this month’s Canada box we even made our own 100% Canadian toy! It took us a bit to get the hang of it, but we think that it was worth the effort. Our pups love their rope bones and we feel good giving them a product that we can guarantee is safe for them; we hope you feel the same way! Right now the bones were just a limited edition but as we grow they are something we hope we can bring you on a regular basis.

Turkey w: rope bone

Our buddy Turkey enjoying his BB rope bone.

We’re looking forward to what’s to come in the months ahead and there really is a lot to look forward to, but we’re also doing out best to focus on how great things are right now. The dog days of summer don’t last forever so we’re making the most of them and we hope you are to! Keep your ears perked for updates on how we are spending the rest of our summer and info on our favourite warm weather places and products.

Until next time Bowzer buddies!


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