Short week, Ha!

This short week seemed to be so packed with stuff that it could have been 10 days long, but isn’t that always the way? Luckily now it’s Friday and time to kick up our paws and relax a little.

We had an incredible time at the All About Pets Show last weekend, but have to say we were a bit exhausted afterwards. Guess we are going to have to get used to these trade shows, or take a page out of Turkey’s book and bring a bed to nap on!


We met so many wonderful pups and people as well as finally getting a chance to meet with a lot of the people behind the products in our boxes. We knew that the Dog-lovers community was a great one to be joining but this show really reinforced it. It seemed that almost everyone we met had a favourite dog product to recommend, a great shelter or charity for us to check out, or they had even rescued a dog themselves. We are also so grateful for the support and encouragement Bowzer Box received from pretty much everyone we came into contact with, so if we met you last weekend, thank you from the tips of our tails!

We also have to say thanks to all of our amazing pupscribers who have sent in pics and videos since receiving their Easter boxes. We really love putting the boxes together but our favourite part of all of this really is seeing all of the happy pooches out there! You can check out our fb and twitter for a glimpse of what you’re missing if you haven’t subscribed yet.

As much as we’re looking forward to relaxing this weekend, we’re in research mode now and don’t know if we’ll be able to stop ourselves. There are so many amazing Canadian dog shows and events that were brought to our attention last weekend, that we just want to find out about them all! We are busy compiling a list of everything going on and figuring out where Bowzer will be next. If you can add to that list, let us know!

Meanwhile kick back and relax, and we’ll bark at you soon Bowzer buddies!



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