Happy April

Happy April Pupscribers!

It’s been a lovely week with temperatures rising and our spirits rising along with them, except for today which we think is a) a little late for an April Fool’s joke, Mother Nature, and b) not funny. Alas, that’s Canada, and there are so many great things that go along with living here that a few April showers aren’t going to get us down!

 The last week has been fantastic. We’ve had a chance to regroup and reenergize after the National Home Show and are gearing up for the All About Pets Show, which runs April 18-20 (www.allaboutpetsshow.com). This was also a great week because we got to hear what you thought about our very first box and that was pretty pawsome! Our Facebook and Twitter came to life with pictures and comments from some excited and adorable pets, and that got our tails wagging. We love the feedback and we want you to keep it coming! Check out these photos of a few of our pupscribers enjoying their Bowzer treats:



Arya waiting patiently!


And Harley digging in!

 Along with our own social media, we had the opportunity to get our boxes to some pretty cool pup/people combos who wrote about us in their blogs this past month. If you want to see what they had to say, you can check out:

 Taking the Mother Road  http://takingthemotherroad.com/bowzer-box-review/

Us On Cloud 9  http://usoncloud9.blogspot.ca/2014/03/march-bowzer-box-review.html?m=1

 tea & chickadees  http://www.teachickadees.com/2014/03/bowzer-box-for-gracie.html

Hi, I’m Sadie Shih Tzu  http://sadieshihtzu.tumblr.com/post/80484217191/review-of-bowzer-box

We are constantly learning (and want to know more) about great people who love pets, work with pets, and write about pets, so if you have any pages or blogs you think we should check out, please send them our way!

 Something else we’d love you to send our way are North American toy companies that you love. We have finalized our April box and are getting ready to pack it up and send it out to you, but something we noticed while getting our lists together for this month, as well as our upcoming boxes, is that we have quite a large list of great treat companies to choose from, and while the list of toy companies is great, it is definitely not as large. Now, not to fear, don’t get your pup in a panic, we have toys—wonderful Canadian ones—we just want more, more, more! And like we said above, we’re still learning, so if you have Canadian or US toy companies that you and your pup love, we want to know about them too!

 We hope that you’ve had a relaxing Friday night and that you have a big weekend full of tail-wagging fun ahead of you! We’re crossing our paws that the forecast for sun on Sunday holds true and we can hit the great outdoors for a nice long walk and maybe a game of fetch or two, and we hope the same for you!

 Time for a pup-nap (cats can’t get all the rest!)

 The Bowzer Box Team


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